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    DRM Drums – over 380 free Vermona DRM drum samples by Wave Alchemy released


    Wave Alchemy has announced the release of DRM Drums, a free collection of over 380 drum samples from a vintage Vermona DRM drum machine and recorded through an API pre-amp. Every sound has eight round robin variations and four accent (velocity) layers!

    Original vintage DRM drum machines are quite hard to come by; they were originally manufactured by Vermona in 1986 and appear to be influenced by the iconic 606 and 808 drum machines. Although DRM is an abbreviation for ‘Digital Rhythm Machine’, the sound generation is in fact fully analogue! 12 analogue drum voices are available: kick drum, 3 toms, 2 snares, 2 hi-hats, claves, cowbell, cymbal and a very interesting sounding analogue clap…

    DRM Drums contains fully pre-mapped drum kit patches for use with Kontakt 5 and Battery 3. Each kit makes extensive use of multiple velocity layers, round robin sample playback and choke groups to create a truly expressive sample instrument.

    All 384 drum samples are included as raw 24-bit wav files, carefully trimmed and labelled, making it easy for those who want to build their own drum kits.

    The great news is that the DRM Drums sample library is 100% free, all you have to do is register at Wave Alchemy- a simple process which gives you access to another great freewares available there.

    More info:

    DRM Drums free sample pack

    HighLife Samples

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