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    Beatport Sounds releases Free MIDI Element Pack


    Beatport Sounds has announced the release of Free MIDI Element Pack, a collection of 50 MIDI synth & bass loops suitable for EDM music productions.

    Missing the must have monumental MIDI melody in your main stage monster? Well today is your lucky day dance music fan!

    Your eternally generous and philanthropic production pals at Beatport Sounds are about to hook you up with 50 of the hottest synth and basslines to drag and drop into your latest track, for the unbelievably low price of ABSOLUTELY FREE with their first tutorial pack, MIDI Elements!

    Fire up that DAW and get crackin’, you never know, a quick change here or there to one of these complementary gems could be your ticket to super stardom!

    Tutorial video “Working with MIDI Files” by Beatport Sounds:

    Free MIDI Element Pack is available for free; in order to download it, registration at Beatport Sounds is required (you can use your social accounts too).

    More info:

    Free MIDI Element Pack

    HighLife Samples

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