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    Beatdrive releases 285MB of exclusive samples and loops by Samplerbanks


    Beatdrive has announced the release of a new free sample pack featuring 285MB of samples and loops from Samplerbanks. This exclusive pack is aimed at various EDM music styles and is 100% royalty free.

    The highlight is our exclusive package from samplerbanks.com, whopping 295 MB samples for electro, complextro, minimal, tech, progressive, and lounge.

    With this freebie, the Beatdrive downloads database extends to 1.2 GB in 15 packs, primarily for electronic styles; it includes an exclusive DnB pack from BHK Samples, a great collection of guitar riffs and rhythms by Frontline Producer, the Beat Zampler sample-workstation, Synapse Audio DUNE LE synthesizer, an Ultimate VST Collection featuring 98 free VST plugins, Madrona Labs Aalto Solo 1.32 synth and much more.

    In order to download this sample pack (and the other ones too), registration at Beatdrive is required. The site is primarily in German, you may use an online translator during the registration process.

    More info:

    285MB of exclusive samples and loops by Samplerbanks

    HighLife Samples

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    1. Beatdrive.de is no longer available. The message says that the site is no longer maintained and the domain is for sale.

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