has announced that its BumBer XT and GanGsta VST instrument plugins for Windows are now available for free. BumBer v1.3 (previously the light edition of Bumber XT) is now discontinued and no longer available; the developer is working on a new version of BumBer (Deluxe), which will replace BumBer XT when it’s ready.

With BumBer XT you are going to make all the bassdrums you like. This powerful machine can create monster beats from five diferent waveform signals or modify any 16-bit and 24-bit .wav bassdrum samples into a big and phat beat.

As it was said, BumBer XT brings five diferent waveform built-in signals, each signal has a diferent pitch range control that can be writeable to its decimal value.
There is also the chance to insert a pre-made bassdrum .wav sample of 16 or 24-bits for post modification on BumBer XT. This function also counts with a independent pitch control.

Despite of only having five .wav sounds per patch, GanGsta has a wide range of drum effects configuration.

The drum sample will play the tunning considering the pitch mode that is selected active on the slot and will work the pitch automation regarding this property.

Both instruments are available for free via

More info:

BumBer XT

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