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    ARTFX Studios releases free snare drum samples from Snaredrum Collection Vol.1


    ARTFX Studios has released a free collection of snare drum samples taken from its commercial Snaredrum Collection Vol.1 library.

    All the samples in this pack are processed acoustic snare drums that have been individually processed to get the best out of them as possible, they have been recorded on a 44.1Khz samplerate and 24-bit bitdepth to maintain their quality. The samples are first run through a set of equalizers to shape the samples frequency response and to even them out. Then we have run them through some transient shapers on multiple places within the processing chain to make them snappy and punchy. To add some more warmth all the samples have been run through a hardware compressor and a hardware tube preamp to give them that additional grit and power we all like.

    The drums are now punchy and powerful enough to go side-by-side with heavy electronic sounds such as basslines and synthesizers without losing any detail or being overpowered. That makes these samples suitable for a wide variety of genres such as Glitchhop, Dubstep, Drum & Bass and other electronic genres. However, because the samples are so detailed and punchy, they would also come in handy for the oldschool Hiphop producer who likes some heavy drums.

    Audio demo:

    The free demo collection contains 4 tight snares, 4 phat snares, one layered snare and one reverb snare. It is ideal for hip hop, pop, urban, dubstep etc. The freebie is available for free and instant download on ARTFX Studios product page (the download link is located under the ‘Files’ tab).

    More info:

    Free snare drum samples by ARTFX Studios

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