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    Ugo Audio announces new site and all plugins and presets now free


    Ugo Audio has announced a new improved site representing its music, sound design and photography; as part of this change, all Ugo Audio’s plugins and presets are now freeware.

    It hardly comes as a surprise to most to hear that I have not had any time for plugin design in SynthEdit for many years. At this point, my old synths and effects are all quite out of date as far as system compatibility goes and I haven’t the time to do all that would be needed to update them. As a result, I feel it is time to let them be free to all who wish to use them.

    My oldest plugins are no longer on the site though, due to the false positives they trigger in antivirus programs. I still have the files though, so If anyone needs them then just let me know.

    Going forward, I am planning to spend more time on sound design – particularly for Alchemy, but possibly in other ways too. So eventually you may find some new items to download at the site.

    Downloads include M-theory & Dualism- hybrid modeling synth & dual arpeggiator, Rez monosynth, Disturbance- a loop/sample glitch machine, Ironhead Suite: morphing junkyard percussion synths & multi-effect, Metallurgy multi-effect plugin and The Element of Surprise- random preset-generating polysynth.

    More info:

    Ugo Audio free VST plugins

    HighLife Samples

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