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    JC Productionz updates ProjectX1 Bass Synth – free bass VST instrument


    JC Productionz has announced the updated version of its ProjectX1 Bass Synth, a free bass VST instrument for Windows. ProjectX1 is a hybrid bass synth built around subtractive, fm, phase distortion and unison synthesis.

    It’s essentially a monophonic synth but has a pseudo stereo mode also and features 2 filters, 2 adsr’s, mod envelope generator, 2 modulation matrix’s with 24 possible destinations each and the source signals can also be inverted.

    There’s two effects types which are widely used in music production today; a tube amp simulator which allows you to control gain, clip, speed, cap, bias, shape and mix and also a bit crusher with selectable modes of operation. A unison oscillator has been added but the synth doesn’t operate in unison mode. Peak follow has been added and can grunge up the sound a bit more. Most of the knobs/sliders can be controlled via midi and there’s also dual waveshapers or asymmetrical waveshaping for want of a better Term.

    Changes in version 2.0:

    • New GUI
    • Now has selectable bender range up to an octave
    • Attenuation button which takes the level down by several db
    • Now compatible with dual core cpu’s so you can use multiple instances of ProjectX1
    • Default presets have been streamlined
    • Midi learn on right click menu for knobs & sliders

    ProjectX1 Bass Synth comes preloaded with 25 high quality bass presets, ranging from ordinary square bass to finger bass, dub reggae bass to off-key bass, saturated to pick bass etc. I highly recommend this plugin in music creations like liquid dubstep, neuro dnb, drum & bass, dub, reggae and hip hop.

    This synthesizer can be upgraded with 90 additional premium patches (the commercial ProjectX1 Platinum Pack). The basic (and free) version with 25 presets has no restrictions and is available for instant download.

    Get the plugin

    More info: ProjectX1 Bass Synth – free bass VST instrument

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