The Interruptor has announced the release of Bionic Supa Delay, a free delay VST effect for Windows.

This is an improved version of the popular “Bionic Delay” which is in use in many studios since over a decade. The new version was developed in a joint effort with Dub producer Russ D (The Disciples) who proposed to include additional features which are helpful for live Dub mixes.


  • Tape delay section
  • Stereo section
  • Filter section
  • Pitch shift section
  • Reverb section
  • Each section can be disabled. Using the flexible routing options many different effects chains can be achieved. Examples:
  • Signal flow diagram: shows the currently selected routing of the different sections
  • Pop-up hints help to understand the function of each control on the user interface. These appear when the mouse rests over a control.
  • MIDI learn: Each control can be automated via MIDI controllers.

Bionic Supa Delay runs in any VST compatible audio application under Windows 32bit and is freeware/ donationware.

More info: Bionic Supa Delay free delay VST


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