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    Fairly Confusing intros Junk Percussion – 200 free household junk percussion samples


    Fairly Confusing Waveforms has announced the release of a new free sample pack- Junk Percussion, a household junk percussion set featuring 200 one shot samples.

    Junk percussion sample set is side product of Psychodrumma II development. At one point I needed more percussion sounds, I quickly collected some junk around the house and I took a long evening session of banging on stuff. Some of these sounds were incorporated into Psychodrumma soundbanks, but still there were plenty of leftovers.

    List of object used for this sample set: broken 8 mm camera, empty beer cans, bicycle horn, bowed metal plate, broken heater, carton boxes, the remains of an old clothes airer, dirty lid, duct tape, dusty box, hollow plate, iron plate, metal tube, moldy books, motor oil can, oily plate, self propelled plastic toy mouse, plastic bowl, plastic rainpipe, fat chunk of rubber band, rusty lid, rusty saw, shiny lid, shiny pot, some other pot, yet another pot, stapler and woodblocks.

    Audio demo:

    Junk Percussion contains 200 WAV files (44 kHz/ 16 bit), all samples being trimmed and maximized. This collection is royalty free to use in your music. Recording equipment: AT3035 microphone, Focusrite ISA One preamp, Echo Audio Audiofire soundcard.

    More info:

    Junk Percussion – 200 free household junk percussion samples

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