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    Dark Side of the Tune releases Resistance is Futile – free drum sample pack


    Dark Side of the Tune has released Resistance is Futile, a free library of rich and heavy analog drums designed with the Malekko Richter Dual Borg Filter.

    Adding dimension, the raw unfiltered white noise and band passed noise from an 808 clone was used for hi hats, cymbals, and snares.
    The results are wide ranging, from FM clang to beefy analog kicks that punch you in your face.

    Samples labeled with a lower-case letter after them are multi-samples. This gives you the choice of randomizing each hit so you keep some of the analog integrity.

    All 54 sounds are offered in 16 and 24 bit resolution, 44.1kHz wave files.

    If you would like to contribute to the hard work it took to make these samples, please visit our store at www.darksideofthetune.com and purchase one of the many sample libraries available.

    Audio demo:

    Get the sample pack

    More info: Resistance is Futile – free drum sample pack

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