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    Boscomac releases Bit Torsion – free distortion effect for Reaktor


    Boscomac has announced the release of Bit Torsion, a free distortion effect for Native Instruments Reaktor synth.

    Firstly, BIT TORSION offers all the settings to tweak and twist an incoming signal : bit reducing, sample rate control, drive intensity, band pass and notch filter and also feedback howling ! But that ‘s not all, it is possible to fold the signal and clip it furiously. Then widen the stereo and also apply a noise gate when it is too excited …

    Then BIT TORSION can animate some of its settings ( to the left ) by a random behavior. You can bind a parameter to a sequence ( by activating the small arrow ) and choose the direction (positive or negative ) of its modulation. Then you can fix the length of the sequence, and finally control the rate of variation, emptying or filling each random data sequence. It may seem complicated but in reality it is really easy and so much fun!

    Bit Torsion plugin for NI Reaktor is available at no cost.

    More info: Bit Torsion – free distortion effect for Reaktor

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