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    bigcat instruments updates the free bigcat Piano Collection with Salamander Piano and Iowa Piano


    bigcat instruments has announced the release of two new free piano instruments for Kontakt: Salamander Piano and Iowa Piano. The instruments are featuring samples recorded from Yamaha C5 and respectively- Steinway Model B.

    Alexander HolmFeel released an SFZ instrument called the Salamander Piano. I decided to convert it to Kontakt 5. It is a Yamaha C5 sampled in minor thirds from the lowest A with 16 velocity layers.

    Salamander Piano for Kontakt demo:

    This Steinway has three almost fully sample velocity layer and was sampled at the University of Iowa. The samples were kindly placed in the Public Domain and can be freely used.

    Iowa Piano for Kontakt demo:

    Salamander Piano uses samples recorded by Alexander HolmFeel, if you use the instrument into commercial releases you’ll have to credit him. More info about the samples copyright here.
    Iowa Piano is created with public domain samples from University of Iowa.

    The bigcat Piano Collection also includes three speciality pianos: a prepared, an intimate and a honky tonk piano. There are three SFZ versions available too.
    Note that the full version of Kontakt 5 is required to use these six instruments.

    More info: Free bigcat Piano Collection

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