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    Beat Manufaktur Potsdam releases BMP Drumkit and 8 Pianoloop – free samples and loops


    Beat Manufaktur Potsdam has announced the release of two new free sample packs: BMP Drumkit and 8 Pianoloop.

    BMP Drumkit is featuring drum samples in AIFF formats. There are 10 claps, 10 kicks, 10 percussions, 10 snares and 7 subkicks. The samples are suitable for various music genres including hip hop, pop, electro etc. Download size is 3.6 MB, extracted it weights 15.8 MB.

    The other freebie is a collection containing 8 piano loops for hip hop and pop, with BPM range between 63 and 92. All loops are labelled with BPM and key info. They are in AIFF format too. Download size is 23.2 MB (decompressed- 25.6 MB). Enjoy!

    More info: BMP Drumkit and 8 Pianoloop – free samples and loops

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