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    Atom Hub releases Cryptar free sample library for Kontakt


    Atom Hub has announced the release of Cryptar, a new free sample library for Kontakt by Native Instruments.

    I found this thing on my way to a workplace. There is an old abandoned crypt in our town cemetery with a big rusted sign above its entrance. “You, who does not like obscure virtual instruments, shall not pass !” strange inscription says. A long stone stairway leads your steps down to the underground. Oh my… What should I do ?!

    After hesitating for a second (listening to the Titanic soundtrack on my mp3 player) I have responded to an explorer’s urge and stepped out in to the wet darkness. Immediately, very strange feeling captured me… I have reached the bottom finally. An old, ruined oltar in front of me, with the stone pedestal right next to it. Another strange writing carved there: “Let go of your reputation and take this gift from the underworld. Use it wisely, on special occassions only ! And don’t forget to tell the world.” I closed my eys for a while and did… Then I had felt like something heavy fell off of me and suddenly…

    I have noticed something lying on that pedestal. A 128 MB FLASH DRIVE ! With ‘For NI Kontakt 5’ words carved on one side. I took it with shaky hands and run home thrilled, eager to explore…



    • 24 bit / 44,1 kHz
    • 96,3 MB (45 single wav files)
    • 11 nki files
    • acoustic guitar samples
    • 3X fake round robins
    • kind of a guitar/piano/stringy character with omnipresent sound defects
    • eternal candle flames for endless nightshift recording sessions
    • ideal for… cryptic jazz ?!

    More info: Cryptar free sample library for Kontakt

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