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    Aiva launches Harmony – 414 MB of free vocal samples for EDM


    Aiva has announced the release of Harmony, a free sample pack containing vocals: melodies, phrases, harmonies and atmospheres in high quality WAV format. Aiva is an EDM artist (singer) from Chelsea, London, currently working on her album with one of the UK’s most sought-after producers.

    A lyrical vocal pack with dreamy words, phrases, adlibs and harmonies at 140bpm designed to help producers create music with catchy and beautiful lyrical hooks. All vocals have been recorded with fantastic quality at PowerStudio London and are produced from Aiva’s newest EP tracks and more.

    Aiva is a sought after vocalist with soft dreamy and some Jazzy characteristics to her voice. She has been featured on many blogs such as Dubstep.Net and Kiss Fm radio and creating this vocal pack has allowed her to share her vocals with many producers.

    The main aim for this pack was not to have easy fills but 400MB of quality words and phrases that songs can be built around. With this pack we hope you enter and enjoy the world of Aiva and create many different musical dimensions.


    The collection consists of 7 folders:

    • Adlibs – 228 clean and vocoded phrases, speeches, short melodies and more;
    • Demo Songs – contains a song in both WAV and MP3 audio formats;
    • Harmoneys Wav’s – 74 files, mostly vocal harmonies;
    • Lyrics Emin 140bpm – 33 vocals in E minor;
    • Phrases Dmin 140bpm – another 28 phrases, this time in D minor;
    • Reverse Adlibs – 124 reversed ad-libs;
    • Words Bmin 140bpm – 33 short melodies and phrases in B minor.

    In order to use these free vocal samples in your commercial releases, attribution is required. The download size is 390 MB (414 MB extracted) and all the audio content is delivered as 24 Bit WAV.
    Harmony free sample pack is available via Aiva’s Facebook fan page. Enjoy!

    Download: Harmony – free vocal pack by Aiva

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