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    Yuvi Gerstein releases Space Guitars Vol. 1 free sample pack


    Yuvi Gerstein has released Space Guitars Vol. 1, a free pack featuring samples recorded using a classic vintage Roland space echo RE-150 and some really good guitars and mics.

    Space Guitars is a new sample pack written recorded and mixed by music producer Yuvi Gerstein at the slick studio.

    Guitars used – Fender Telecaster USA, Gibson ES-175. Microphones used: AKG 414 pair Coles 4038 SM57 Amp – Fender Deluxe.

    All samples are 88.2Khz 24bit.


    You can also check another great free sample pack by Yuvi Gerstein, click here.

    More info: Space Guitars Vol. 1 free sample pack

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