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    tubeOhm releases M-Phasewave – free phase distortion synthesis VST instrument


    TubeOhm has announced the release of M-Phasewave, a free and fully working monophonic phase distortion synthesizer VST instrument plugin for Windows.

    M-Phasewave is the monophonic version of TubeOhm’s Phasewave commercial synth (you can download a free demo version of it too, the limitations being some dropouts and double sounds).

    The free M-Phasewave comes with 64 sounds, two arps and an effects section with chorus, delay and reverb.

    In the beginning of 1984 the PHASE-DISTORTION was very new and very complex to use.

    The sound is sometimes digital and also sometimes analoge, but not to compare with VA or FM synths.

    PD had it‘s own character.

    To simplify the PD programming, we implement six standart ADSR and additional six multistage envelopes for special sound modulations.
    The goal was not to make a synth for all sounds.

    No, the goal is to bring you the PD synthesis with its new sounds near. And it sounds not like other synths.


    M-Phasewave’s installer (.EXE) comes preloaded with both VST and standalone versions. When you execute it, check to see if your computer volume is low, the installing process ‘benefits’ of loud and disturbing techno music.

    I checked the free synth into FL Studio, the overall sound quality is super, M-Phasewave is perfect for electro, trance, dubstep- all actual EDM music genres. Preset list includes basses, vowels, keyboards, synths, some fantastic pads, plucks and even drums. Expect pro sounds and a sleek and modern GUI (it has three color versions, they change depending of presets).

    Some beginners may find difficult to properly place M-Phasewave’s sound in the mix. It may be just another plugin which artificially expands the stereo room. If this is good or wrong, it is up to you to decide. But don’t forget that you have control over Chorus, Delay and Reverb :)

    To download the M-Phasewave, on TubeOhm’s product page just click the “DOWNLOAD M-PHASEWAVE mono4free” green button. No registration is required there.

    More info: M-Phasewave – free phase distortion synthesis VST instrument

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