Sound-Base Audio has announced the release of Retro Boy, a free chiptune VST instrument synthesizer for Windows.

Retro Boy is a virtual analog chiptune synth/emulator. Chiptune or otherwise known as 8-bit music is music or sounds synthesized by the sound chip of computers, video game systems, and most handled gaming systems. Retro Boy features a single oscillator that has seven waveshapes: 12.5% pulse, 25% pulse, %50 pulse, saw, triangle, sine, and noise.

Due to the simplicity of the design, Retro Boy doesn’t have much of an impact on the CPU. This is mostly because it’s single oscillator with 1 to 4 voice range, optimized modules, and lightweight HQ graphics.

Retro Boy is available for instant download.

More info: Retro Boy free chiptune VSTi

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