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    Rob Meulman releases free Rob’s Vocal Samplepack Part 3


    Rob Meulman has announced the release of Rob’s Vocal Samplepack Part 3, a free sample pack featuring several construction kits in different styles including pop, ballad and folk, but with use in other genres too.

    Hello everyone,

    I have just released my third Samplepack.

    All samples are recorded in WAV 16 Bit, 44.100 khz, with no added FX.
    You can use them (or mash them up) completely free (and royalty-free) in your musical projects.

    The previous two packs have been downloaded a lot, and many people have done interesting things with the samples.
    I hope this third pack will add something special to your musical arrangements and projects.

    The samplepack can be downloaded from my website in the \”Vocalpack\” section (make sure you have Flash Player enabled).
    Links are updated regularly if necessary.


    Rob’s Vocal Samplepack Part 3 is available for free download. All vocals are royalty free.

    More info: Rob’s Vocal Samplepack Part 3

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