Roazhon DSP has released BrainStormer, a free virtual analog synthesizer for Windows 32-bit and 64-bit versions.

As a programmer and producer, I always wanted to combine my two passions and create a synthesizer to understand the inner workings and challenges of such a beast. I started the BrainStormer on my free time in 2012, focusing on sound quality and synthesis capabilities. After hours and hours of design, personal researches, coding, testing, and many other things I can’t list, here is finally the 0.85 beta version.

There are so many things I wish I could add to the synth, like a FX section, more waveforms, 2 filters with serial / parallel options, intermediate distortion features, optimizing some parts of the code. Unfortunately I did not have the time to do this for now, but I keep all of this in mind for future versions.


  • 3 stereo oscillators with retrig, phase, wave stretch, stereo dephasing controls
  • Flexible FM & ring modulation
  • Filter (LP, BP, HP, Peak, Notch) with dedicated ENV, key follow
  • 2 LFOs with large frequency range (up to 2kHz), retrig, bpm sync, phase, clipping, independant destination amount controls, self modulation
  • 2 mod ENVs with ADSR, independant destination amount controls, self modulation.
  • 2 extra modulator sources (wheel, pitchbend, velocity, ENVs and LFOs)
  • 72 destinations for modulators
  • Panic, main volume, polyphony, note mode, portamento, pitchbend controls
  • Internal oversampling x2, 100% home-made dsp code
  • VST3 and VST2.4 (32 and 64 bits versions)

BrainStormer is available at no cost for Windows (32-bit & 64-bit) only.


How to fix the ‘no sound’ issue in FL Studio (thanks to Olivier from Roazhon DSP):

  1. Click the ‘Gear’ icon on the plugin window;
  2. Press ‘Processing’;
  3. Check the ‘Use fixed size buffers’ row;
  4. Click the ‘Options’ button near and check ‘Use block size as buffer size’

More info: BrainStormer – free synthesizer

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