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    Music Radar releases 214 free 8-bit bonanza hits, noises and loops


    Music Radar has announced the release of 214 free 8-bit bonanza samples, a collection of bleepy 8-bit sounds based on vintage synth sources. This collection of noises, hits and loops was previous featured on Computer Music magazine’s cover DVD.

    We all recognise those beautifully bleepy 8-bit sounds of yesterday, but do you know how to create them?

    Fear not, because SampleRadar is on-hand to provide a wide selection of lo-fi noises that are ready to be dropped into your productions. Based on simple synth sources, these have been squashed and processed to give you that authentic chiptune vibe.

    The collection is split into four folders: Bitty Noises, FM Arp Loops, VocoBit Hits and VocoBit Noises, all sound being supplied as WAV files. 214 free 8-bit bonanza samples from Music Radar are royalty free, the only restriction being that you’re not allowed to redistribute them.

    More info: 214 free 8-bit bonanza samples

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