LVC-Audio has announced the release of PhreePhuzz 1.0.0 Beta, a free saturation plugin very simple to use, which utilizes many underlying technologies used to create PreAMPed.

PhreePhuzz has four distinct saturation settings. Each of these settings utilizes a distinctly tuned multiband saturation algorithm. All internal processing occurs using 4x oversampling to reduce the aliasing effects of saturation.

PhreePhuzz can be pushed into overt distortion; however, it excels at more gentle saturation effects. Each of the four saturation settings has emphasis on different frequency components. PhreePhuzz can be used to give a track low-end saturation without dulling the high frequencies, or it can be used to give a shimmering high-end sparkle without muddying the bass.


  • Virtual analog saturation simulator
  • 4x oversampling using linear phase filtering to ensure great high-end response
  • Four distinct saturation types, including separate saturation algorithms and multiband settings
  • Standard LVC-Audio controls, like A->B knob comparison and fine adjustment of knobs

PhreePhuzz is available for Windows and Mac.

More info: PhreePhuzz free saturation plugin

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