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    Kraftraum releases Extrapolation – 50 free Swierk VSTi presets + FL Studio project file


    Kraftraum has released a free set of presets for Saltline’s freeware VST instrument Swierk. Extrapolation bank consists of 50 various preset sounds for Swierk aimed at techno, trance, minimal, electro and house plus the FL Studio project file of the demo track below.

    Hi there, this time no track for the OSC but a demo track of my created presets for the VST synth Swierk 1.0.8 which is available in an updated version for now.

    After the disappointing (to me) answers to the request of the programmer’s, if anyone would create synth presets for his (free) Synth, I sat down in the free time in the last months and created some presets.

    A part of it you’ll find in this track, consisting of small track snippets. The exclusive preset bank (50 presets) and the FL Studio project can be found on Saltline. Some of the presets are also included in Swierk;)

    The sounds have been enriched by me with delay, flanger, chorus, gates or / and some EQ (the synth has no FX effect).

    Enjoy the music and comments are allways welcome :)

    Audio demo:

    More info:

    Extrapolation – free Swierk soundbank + FL Studio project file

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    1. i am a quite beginner on electronic music. i’m from Vietnam. i can play guitar so i figure out music theory. I wnat to pursuit EDM music and i desire to making dynamic or dancing song. Now i have to collect unconnected lessons from youtube , so i want you offer me a completely course/coaching/tutorial so that i can make dance song from A to Z on FL STUDIO 10. Thank you

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