Jera Cravo has released a small pack featuring 11 free Vaudou Brass snare drum samples in WAV and TCI formats.

I’ll be releasing soon a sample pack from the Vaudou Brass snare.

For those who never heard about Vaudou, it is a brand of custom drums made in Quebec, Canada.
This is a brass snare, 14″ x 6.5″, and it was sampled with brand new Evans G2s on the batter side and Evans Hazy 300 on the snare side.

This is just a small taste of this snare, a freebie with less hits and only three “velocities”.

The recording is RAW! There is no EQ or compression. In my point of view, I rather be able to sculpt the sound the way that I want than receive a baked version of the sample, that will make the instrument sound pretty much the same as everyone’s else using the same samples…

There is a .TCI file (for Slate’s Trigger) and the .WAV files for whatever sample trigger you want to use.
So, enjoy it, let me know what you think and the full version will be up soon, very soon.

More info: 11 free Vaudou Brass snare drum samples

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