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    HelloSamples releases free Jomox XBase 09 drum samples


    HelloSamples has released a free pack with Jomox XBase 09 drum samples extracted from its latest RawSeries Vol.2 / JMX09 commercial collection.

    HelloSamples is BACK! With a fresh new site and some fresh new sounds!
    After hours of coding behind screens, sharing impressions between team mates and with the invaluable help of our graphic designer, we can now say that the HelloSamples project looks as good as it sounds now!

    To celebrate this comeback we bring you RAW JMX 09, the second chapter in our RAW series of premium sample libraries. Another exquisite release where we unleash the monster that is the now classic Xbase 09 drum machine, giving new life to it’s analog circuits via our trademark mastering grade, top of the line processing chains.


    More info: Jomox XBase 09 free drum samples

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