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    Grant Nelson releases free Lexicon 480L impulse responses and one shot samples


    Grant Nelson has announced that his personal collection of Lexicon 480L impulse responses is now available for free. Lexicon 480L is an industry standard for digital reverb units.

    About 12 years ago I sat down and recorded a complete set of impulse responses from the Lexicon 480L digital reverb unit.

    I’ve used these IR’s on virtually every recording I’ve made over the past 10 or so years, they are my go to reverbs for vocals without question.

    Over the years I have given these out to quite a few fellow producers and they have somehow found their way onto file sharing sites, as everything seems to do these days, but I can assure you that I recorded these, processed the IR’s and created the presets you will find inside the download, even though other people may have tried to lay claim to them :/

    The impulse responses are split into 7 main categories- Ambience, Effects, Halls, Plates, Rich Plates, Rooms and Wild Spaces, each of which containing untouched Lexicon 480L factory presets.

    The impulse responses can be loaded with FL Studio’s Fruity Convolver plugin. Open an instance of it into a mixer channel, then click the diskette icon, choose ‘Load sample’ and locate the folder containing the downloaded Lexicon 480L impulse responses. As Grant Nelson advise “use them wisely and your productions will start to sound a lot more expensive ;)”.

    More info and download link: Free Lexicon 480L impulse responses

    The second freebie coming from Grant Nelson is a set of free samples, again, taken from his personal library of sounds.

    Years ago, back in the late 90′s, I lifted a bunch of samples straight out of my Akai samplers and stuck them up on my old website for anybody to grab for free.

    It was in a little section of the site called The Sample Shack. It was something that I intended to keep adding to, with the aim of creating a totally free online sample library, even bought the domain name and everything, but never got around to it.

    Anyway, about 10 years passed by, The Sample Shack long gone, and one day I found the files on one of my old Zip drives, so I decided to give them away for free again via my Facebook page (a few of you would have downloaded these already). This was a few years back and I don’t remember what happened but they somehow vanished into the ether once again.

    The free pack contains one shot samples: synth basses, brasses, drums, organs, rhodes and strings. All sounds are in 16 Bit WAV format. The download size is 7.1 MB.

    More info and download link: Free samples from GN’s personal libraries

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