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    AZur Studio releases 66 free presets for Obdx synthesizer


    AZur Studio has announced the release of a free soundset for Obdx – an emulation of famous OB-X, OB-Xa and OB8 synths by Oberheim Electronics.

    Here is some info about this freeware VST instrument plugin by Datsound:

    While not copying originals , some of the features were taken to a better point.
    Continuous blendable multimode filter (hp-notch(bp)-hp in 12 db mode and 4-1 pole in 24 db mode).

    VAM button is last played note allocation mode.
    32 and 64 bit versions included.

    You can read the original article about Obdx (download link included) on our site here.

    The free soundset by AZur Studio contains 66 presets aimed at various music genres like pop, electronica, electro, house and much more.

    To install the presets, just open Obdx in FL Studio, click the quarter gear icon on plugin interface next to ‘Fruity Wrapper (Obxd)’, then click the ‘Presets’ tab, press ‘Load preset / bank’ and locate your downloaded .FXB file (in our case is ‘OBXD_AZurStudio.fxb’). Enjoy!

    Download: AZur Studio free soundset for Obdx

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