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    Volterock releases Vocal Hazard Pack – 153 free vocal samples


    Volterock has released Vocal Hazard Pack, a free sample pack containing 153 strange (but funny) vocal samples in 16 Bit WAV format.

    Free sample pack to use in your productions! What you are hearing are just a few of the 153 sounds!

    After many hour, days, and weeks of recording and editing, Volterock and undocument asked many volunteers to join them in the studio for a special project. Participants were asked to yell as if they were dying, falling, attacking/charging into battle, punching, being punched, singing like a metal band, growling, shrieking, and gasping. The result is a harzardous wail of humanity cut into 153 individual sounds. A special thanks goes out to everyone involved! Please support them!

    Audio demo:

    Vocal Hazard Pack is available for free download via Mediafire.

    More info:

    Vocal Hazard Pack

    HighLife Samples

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