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    Review: Sleepless City collection by Mode Audio


    Mode Audio has released Sleepless City, a collection of 7 construction kits exploring various takes of soulful R&B and atmospheric ambience, delivered in various audio/ DAW formats.

    The city is big; the city is dark; the city is sleepless. Soulful R&B collides with atmospheric Ambience in this loop and sample pack, brought to life in the moonlit hours between sleeping and waking.

    From the yearning and hopeful to the intense and rousing, these sounds will provide the perfect sonic backdrop for the dreamy city dweller.

    Sleepless City (FL Studio version) consists of one shot samples, loops, MIDI files and FLP project files- these are the tools to work with.

    The Drum Hits folder contains claps, hihats, kicks, percussions and snares, all samples being processed in a very subtle & professional way with reverb, delay, compression etc. There are 63 drum samples in total.

    The Loops are split into 7 folders:

    • Basslines – ambiental, staccato, funky, wobble etc basslines. You’ll have to level down some of them to avoid clipping;
    • Drum Rolls – a great fusion between dubstep, ambience and RnB styles. The reverb tale is kept;
    • Drums – 25 drum loops, the root of the previos drum rolls with same characteristics;
    • Guitar Riffs – a selection of realistic guitar loops: rhythmic guitars, funky solos, lead guitars and more;
    • The Pads are the leitmotif of Sleepless City, with their spectacular mix between warm and synthetic, defining the main concept;
    • Snare Rolls – a strange but beautiful collection of fast snare roll loops;
    • Synths – a collection of synth melodies, distorted leads, plucked loops and more.

    Sleepless City comes with all MIDI versions of the loops included plus a bonus of 7 FL Studio project files (FLP). The FL Studio sessions are created with the loops taken from the collection and processed only thru FL studio native plugins.

    I recommend this collection for all beginners looking to experiment with pro sounds and seeking for a foundation for future projects.

    Sleepless City is also available in versions for Logic Pro, Ableton, Reason etc. The collection costs only €18.02 until January 19th, Mode Audio is hosting the Launch Sale – all sample packs being discounted.

    More info: Sleepless City by Mode Audio

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