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    Review: Nu Deep Construction Lab by Sample Anatomy


    Sample Anatomy has released Nu Deep Construction Lab, a sample pack exploring the dark side of techno and featuring dark techie grooves, luscious pads, stabbing synths and minor keyed bass lines.

    We like to think its a fusion between the old analog drums from the 90’s but re-edited and re visited to sound more powerful and tasty. You might find similar sounds on such labels as Ellum Audio, Innervisions, Sleazy Deep, Off Recordings, Hot Creations and Crosstown Rebels.

    Nu Deep Construction Lab is delivered as a zipped archive weighing 419 MB, when is extracted, its total size is 491 MB. At a first sight, opening the folder, you realize that it will take some time to explore all the content. The sample pack is divided in two main folders – THE KITS and BONUS STUFF, or if you prefer, in one main folder and a bonus folder. The author uses capital letters for naming the folders and loops.

    THE KITS folder contains 15 construction kits, each of which being a complete song broken down by drums, synths, basslines, percussions and more. The drum pattern is split into separate kick loops, snare/ clap loops and hi hat loops, giving more flexibility in working process. Also, in case you want to find out how the full melody sounds, the full groove is included in each construction kit.


    All the kits are labelled with the BPM info & the root note, the loop name structure contains the kit number, loop name (simply what it represents) and the BPM. The BPM range is between 116 and 122.

    What I noticed is that every loop is designed in such way that it leaves room for customizations; they are valuable by their simplicity, the author’s goal was to find out the cleanest way to express, without any creativity drama. The result is one of the best construction kits I had the opportunity to review this year: the synth lines are classic with familiar lead sounds and non-intrusive melodies, the bass loops remind me of the beautiful Detroit techno era, simple patterns with pure bass sounds, the drums sound warm and analog- again, simple paterns but with that human feel added. The author claims that “the samples are made using a combination of Analog and Digital processes”, I can easily subscribe to this.


    • 15 construction kits + bonus folder
    • 24 Bit WAV format
    • royalty free
    • deep tech, techno, minimal, tech house etc

    Overall, Nu Deep Construction Lab is a superb sample pack combining new with old- perfect fusion and a cool reinterpretation of 90’s techno sounds using modern tools. And, for only $19.95, is a must have for all serious producers. This is our first sample pack receiving a full 5/5 stars.

    More info: Nu Deep Construction Lab by Sample Anatomy

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