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    Review: Klang – Found Percussion Hits by Mode Audio


    Mode Audio has released Klang, a sample pack containing high quality found percussion hits ready to be loaded into your favourite sampler or DAW.

    We’ve searched homes and work spaces high and low to collect this assortment of characterful, offbeat found percussion sounds. This is Klang – Found Percussion Hits, the meticulously recorded, intricately performed set of unique Percussion sounds that’ll spice up even the driest of drum grooves.

    For this review, Mode Audio sent us the FL Studio version, which comes with 150 WAV drum hits & percussions, 8 DirectWave presets, 4 mixer presets (FL Studio channel state file) and 4 project files (FLP files).

    The drum hits folder is split into 4 folders- high, low, mid and other percussions and contains various one shots like brushes, guitar slides, sounds created with cardboard boxes, paper bags, zippers, spary bottles and even floor carpets and much much more. The samples were recorded using handmade contact microphones which gives a personal and organic feel on overall sound. I appreciate the sound diversity of these, each sample is usable and unique. You can use them for creating cool percussion loops, for adding “dirt” to existing drum loops or even for making melodic percussions.

    For a more familiar use in FL Studio, Klang percussions come preloaded into 8 DirectWave kits, making the production process a beauty. Enjoy the easy work flow and the fun of listening these unique percussions in a familiar environment with 4 professional mixer presets and 4 FL Studio projects included too!

    Just listen the demo below and see what I am talking about:

    Organic, isn’t it?

    Overall, Klang is a great collection of found percussion hits with a big dose of originality and professionalism, the human factor being included; Klang sounds unique but familiar, it is serious but funny same time. An experiment.

    More info: Klang sample pack by Mode Audio

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