monoplugs release CYTHAR – free MIDI sequencer/editor stand-alone application

monoplugs have released CYTHAR, a free MIDI sequencer/editor stand-alone application for Windows, Mac and Linux.

A pattern-oriented, polyphonic MIDI step-sequencer, which makes its own path. 16 parallel patterns with six tracks and 16 bars – equating to 256 bars & 96 tracks. The six pattern tracks imitate the strings of a guitar and will be tuned e.g. to “EAdgbe”. With some clicks you can set a guitar chord to the pattern tune – then by enabling a few events or triggers the sequencer will start a solo or plays with the chords. More offset-, mute functions and a tricky song mode will pep-up your set. With CYTHAR you can program drum sets, melodies, arpeggios and complete songs. If this is not enough try out Rebeca.

With the simple accessibility of all settings the user interface is designed for life and jam performances. The drag and drop features make CYTHAR to a powerful and fast editor. In future we want to release a specialized touchscreen version.

For now every CYTHAR Sequencer is still in development and only available as a beta version.


  • 96 tracks
  • Advanced song mode
  • Master & Slave
  • Stand-Alone

More info: CYTHAR – free MIDI sequencer/editor stand-alone application

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