Good Loops has released 2 Bar Loop Machine, a free Kontakt instrument featuring knocks, slaps, scratches and tones recorded from a acoustic guitar.

Some time ago (in a galaxy far… oh wait..), when my friend Urs from released his delay plug-in More Feedback Machine, he showed me the 2 bar loop preset. It’s a pretty simple but very effective idea. You can immediately start jamming and moving things around.

This gave me the idea to build a little 2 bar loop machine inside of Kontakt that can be used to quickly throw together loops. I took my acoustic guitar and recorded some knocks, slaps, scratches and tones. I mapped them to an instrument in Kontakt and added some effects.

But what it really is to me is a starting point and hopefully inspires other Kontakt users to evolve it into something much larger. Add/replace effects. Expand the script. Or something really cool, that I can’t even think of!


More info: 2 Bar Loop Machine for Kontakt

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