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    DCSI releases V-Koder – free instrument for Kontakt and VSTi


    DCSI has released V-Koder, a free sample based synth instrument, originally recorded, designed and edited by DCSI, bringing you 3 vocoded, nonsense, short voices.

    The vst is available both at 32 bit or 64 bit for your needs.

    The soundsets included in this VST are spread in 3 octaves and available as follows:

    2) V-UA-KODER
    3) V-IGNE-KODER.

    The use of the modwheel in your midi controller add a pan lfo effect. The instrument comes with velocity sensitivity.

    On the GUI for further settings you can find 4 knobs to adjust: Gain, Attack, Release, Reverb.

    V-Koder VSTi is a simplyfied version of the V-Koder Kontakt instrument by DCSI available for free download too.

    More info: V-Koder – free instrument for Kontakt and VSTi

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