Dark Side of the Tune has released two new free sample packs- DX FM, a collection created with Yamaha DX200 and Volca Sleaze, a library featuring sounds from a Volca Keys by Korg.

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DX FM is a free sample library made with Yamaha’s DX200 synthesizer. Very little outboard processing was used to retain the character of the synth. Crystalline keys, cutting drums, and alien robot noise make this sample library a must have for anyone wanting sonic edge for their productions.
This library contains 39 one-shot sounds in 44.1 kHz WAV files, in 24 and 16 bit resolution.

Volca Sleaze is a 42 sound one-shot library featuring the Volca Keys analog synthesizer by Korg.
This machine has many great “key” sounds. As usual, our aim is to think “hmm… what if…”
We took the Volca and ran it through multiple analog filters, LFOs for texture, multiple gain-staging, and parallel ring modulation for a gritty spatial tone. To take it even further, we focused mainly on drum sounds. Yes, drum sounds. But, never fear there are filthy sound effects, bass, and keys too.

All sounds are offered in 16 and 24 bit resolution, 44.1kHz wave files.

More info: DX FM free sample pack
More info: Volca Sleaze free sample pack

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