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    bigcat releases Shoot The Piano – free Kontakt 5 instrument


    bigcat has announced the release of Shoot The Piano, a free Kontakt 5 instrument.

    After liking the creativity of the Intimate Piano, I wanted to create the reverse, a blast your socks off piano. It went horribly wrong and I love it.

    Detuned by far too much and with added resonance, it became a saloon piano that sounded brilliant playing old Billy Joel tunes. Thanks for all the great advice to my buddy Walter.
    Pull up an old rickety piano bench and dodge the bullets as you play Shoot the Piano. If your tip jar isn’t full, play it louder.

    Shoot The Piano sample library works with Kontakt by Native instruments version 5.

    Download: Shoot The Piano – free Kontakt instrument

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    1. Hello, Fl Studio is new for me and I don’t know where to put this sound, in what file, If you could help me it would be great.


      • Hi Andrew! This is a patch (preset, instrument, library etc) for Kontakt by Native Instruments. Kontakt can be hosted into FL Studio as VST plugin. Also, Kontakt is a commercial plugin, a little bit expensive but indispensable these days.

    2. Just wanted to say thanks. I can always tell when you mention one of my instruments on your site as the downloads suddenly spike upwards.

    3. If you don’t mind me mentioning it. Here is Shoot the Piano, the City Piano it is based on and 5 other variations.
      This has the nkis as tiny files and the 271 compressed samples in a separate directory. This should make it easier for folks to tweak the pianos to their liking or make their own quite easily. Using kontakt 5 compression they still have a small memory footprint.

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