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    Bengt Nilsson releases Intimate Piano and Headroom Piano – free Kontakt instruments


    Bengt Nilsson has released Intimate Piano and Headroom Piano, two new free libraries for Kontakt by Native Instruments.

    Intimate Piano

    Today I had the great honor to be working with a real pro when it comes to scripting programming for Kontakt. mk282 helped me put together a Kontakt instrument for my 12 year old dusty piano samples. While he programmed the instrument, I worked with the graphics. First time I’ve used Skype on this way. Incredibly fun! So folks, let us introduce The Intimate Piano. 2 microphone placements, 1 layer (pp), stereo widening and other stuff. But the best part is – it’s free.

    Headroom Piano

    It´s recorded at Headroom Recordings in Karlstad, Sweden in 2002.
    5 velocity layers, 2 microphone placements with individual 3 band EQ, stereo spread and some more.

    The piano has 4 presets: Empty Bar, Fullness, Pop and Headroom Piano which is actually a default preset with all parameters set to 0.
    Even the individual samples are fixed at 0dB on this preset so you are free to tweak your own sound.

    Both Kontakt instruments are available at no cost.

    Visit: Bengt Nilsson’s website
    Please leave feedback here and here
    Download: Intimate Piano
    Download: Headroom Piano

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