Noiseash has released Uplifting Trance, a sample library for Kontakt 5 featuring custom sounds recorded from a Access Virus TI2 synthesizer.

EDM Producers, it’s time to make the crowd freak!

The best Virus TI sounds that you can get from a sampler are now FREE for Kontakt 5.

This soundbank made from Noiseash’s personal Access Virus TI2 presets with sampling 24 bit and lots of layers!

We’ve scripted this instruments for whom wants to acchieve this fat analog Virus TI sounds. Now you can get this cool sounds from your Kontakt 5 without loosing LIVE PERFORMANCE REALITY (even for Arpeggios). The Famous Virus TI2′s BIG FAT BASSES, LEADS, PADS, PLUCKS are now your’s.

Listen below a track by Noiseash:

More info: Uplifting Trance – free Access Virus TI2 Kontakt library


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