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    Review: Holy Trap by Prime Loops


    Holy Trap is the newest digital era miracle, the 8th day creation of God. Unleashing the power of phat laziness, Dodge & Fuski are the masters and slaves of music behind this sonic shock. So, prepare your monitors for the Neo Apocalyptic chants predicting the birth of new beat spasmophilia!

    Holy Trap comes as a gift from above, containing a spiritual selection of new and exclusive Vox Loops, Synth Loops, SFX Loops, Drum Loops (including both kick and no kick), Percussion Fills and a host of One-Shots. This is preached as seven holy slices- a total of over 180 individual one shot samples, loops and SFX.

    Content breakdown:

    • Drum Loops – 20 808ish low-tempo drum beats good for gathering followers in your neighbourhood!
    • Drum Loops (No Kick) – the soft version for newcomers, serving 19 loops. Add kick to taste.
    • Mixed One-Shots – featuring a total of 58 effects sampled from the recent apocalypse and some instrument shots stealed from God’s secret sample library!
    • Percussion Fill Loops – the proof that angels can program drum machines (25 drum fills, snare rolls, glitches etc).
    • SFX Loops – 18 scary visions of end: giant insects or UFO attack? killer seagulls or robots with outdated antivirus?!
    • Synth Loops – 32 chants for the new generation: big brasses, sirens, pulses and more.
    • Vox Loops – 14 wise messages for finding the truth.

    Audio demo:

    Holy Trap sample pack is supplied in Godly 24-bit High Definition clarity and each audio file will sync automatically with any pre-existing mix that you add it to.

    In conclusion, Holy Trap is perfect to initialize your cult of trap, once started, comes the question: can you handle it?

    More info:

    Holy Trap by Prime Loops

    HighLife Samples

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    1. Mine is using mastering plugins, and hoping no one notices that I’m too lazy to do it myself.

      That, or widening the hell out of everything.

    2. My musical sin includes reversing and panning synths and samples like crazy and only using maximus for mastering lazily, which makes my bass in turn not as strong as I would like it to be xD

    3. My musical sin is using a maximizer on almost every track, and cranking it all the way up just to pretend it’s loud.

    4. My biggest sin was I made a track, mixed and mastered it just by using my nokia ear phone. Though It was not fat at all, but still I sold that beat :P

    5. My biggest musical sin is I arpeggiate or buy most of my bass lines because I can barely play the keys and have no how where the bass clefs notes are and I don’t read music too well. I also use damaged computer speakers to create my beats with.

    6. My musical sin is I go a few weeks in between backups of my new work. I am ashamed but the thrill of playing such a dangerous game of Russian Roulette keeps me on my toes.

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