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HGFortune sets free Alien Space Weaver Pro VSTi

HGFortune has re-released Alien Space Weaver Pro as freeware. Alien Space Weaver Pro is an exceptional synth especially made for spacey or dark athmospheric backgrounds and FX sounds.

The BIG Holidays Surprise NFG: Alien Space Weaver Pro – “The Eeriator” for free now!

One oscillator contains now 128 very special samples i.e. fairly long ones being created from various images providing very spacy sounds from the start already. Thus play it slowly and let the sounds evolve. It’s also been called the Eeriator ;-)


  • 2 PCM wave oscillators with separate external SF2 file (& option to load .wav).
  • 1 24 dB resonant LP filter with Modulation.
  • 1 12 dB resonant LP/HP filter with Modulation.
  • 2 Filter bypass + modulation.
  • 2 Bass Enhance.
  • 2 SpookB Fx (different from the ones used before).
  • 2 Delays with manual tempo offset; Pan and modulation.
  • 2 Pan for undelayed signal.
  • 6 LFO + 1 S&H as mod sources incl. manual tempo offset from x1 to x4.
  • 1 Reverb.
  • 1 “Nuthin ?” special modulation to Filter.
  • 5 Lazy Buttons (use ‘All’ for limitless patch switching).
  • 380+ Patches (more in preparation as well as further wavesets).

Download: Alien Space Weaver Pro VSTi



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