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    Boz Digital Labs announce Mono Bass – free until 2014!


    Boz Digital Labs have announced that Mono Bass – a plugin which collapses low frequencies to mono, it will be free until January 1st, 2014.

    We have one last gift for you in 2013. We just released a plugin with a really stupid name (Mono Bass) and we are giving it away for free until the end of the year. Once 2014 hits, we’re going to bump up the price to $25, so snag it while you can for free.

    Mono Bass is a handy plugin that collapses your low frequencies to mono. It really couldn’t be any easier to use, and is super effective for giving a tighter, more focused feel to your stereo width

    Get it right now @ Mono Bass | Boz Digital Labs

    In order to download this freebie, an account at Boz Digital Labs is required.

    More info: Mono Bass

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