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    Boscomac releases Tranzistorg MK2 and Baroussel for NI Reaktor


    Boscomac has announced the release of Tranzistorg MK2 and Baroussel, two free ensembles for Reaktor by Native Instruments.

    TRANZISTORG MKII is a transistor-based combo organ typical of the 60s. It delivers a clear and thin sound that quickly becomes warm and round as soon as it passes through the distortion of an amp!

    Here you have 4 drawbars to generate the sound, distortion with two modes to bring energy, 5 cabinet models and 1 direct output with Leslie option to all floors, a slap or spring reverb used in mono or stereo , vibrato and a volume for key click. And I think we are full! Take TRANZISTORG MKII in your studio, close the door and release the animal …

    BARROUSEL is based on a barrel organ and a Carrousel.

    You can adjust the color Tone of the instrument, change the wind noise in the pipes, choose the instrument condition and act on its accuracy and its responsiveness. And finally, you can place the instrument in a kind of magical reverb…

    These Reaktor instruments are available at no cost via Boscomac.

    More info: Tranzistorg MK2 and Baroussel

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