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    SHARE THIS! has announced the release of Mantra, a free VST synth for Windows 32-bit combining Frequency Modulation and Phase Distortion synthesis.

    This VSTi is composed by two oscillator modules having three panels each.
    The FM Module has the basic waveforms that are followed by three waveform carriers (Sine/Saw/Triangle).

    The Phase Distortion Module has several waveforms divided in two waveform pickers.
    Mantra also has a short effects table.

    Common Features for both oscillators:

    • Possibility to morph the waveform into six different waveforms;
    • Pitch Station (-3/+3) Octave, key tune and fine;
    • ADSR Amp envelope;
    • Modulation based on FM synthesis;
    • ADSR Modulation envelope with amount control;
    • Basic Filter (LP/BP/HP/Notch);
    • ADSR Filter Envelope with amount control;
    • X-Frequency Equalizer that allows you to boost or decrease gain for each oscillator’s full frequency spectrum.
    • Tempo Sync LFO with variable time from 16b to 1/16 (Dotteds and Triplets included).

    Various Targets for the Tempo Sync LFO, such as:

    • Filter Cutoff;
    • Filter Res;
    • Filter Cutoff + Res;
    • Modulation;
    • Pitch;
    • and Pan.

    Dedicated Filter for the Tempo Sync LFO that might be used as second Filter when it is not a target on the LFO.

    Tempo Sync LFO Release Synchronztion with:

    • OFF (No Sync);
    • FullNote;
    • Bar Start;
    • Transport run;

    Tempo Sync LFO Waveform (Sine/Ramp/Triangle)

    Each Oscillation Module also counts with Pan, Mute, Stereo Widenner and Volume.

    Effects Table:

    • Simple Arp/Stepper with possiblity to connect only one oscillator or both.
    • Reverb based on Freeverb Model.
    • Distortion Machine (HardClip/Overdrive/Foldback) with possibility to connect one or both oscillators.
    • TranceGate with stereo and reverse features.

    More info: Mantra free VSTi

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