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    Alix Cooper releases MultiMap Delay VST effect plugin (donationware)


    Our friend Alix Cooper has released MultiMap, a new sync’ed multitap delay unit. You can download this VST effect instrument by donating a minimum $1 amount, this way you’ll help him for further plugin development. Alix Cooper is an independent musician who makes electronic/retro inspired music.

    MultiMap is inspired by (but not modeled after) the Eventide H3000. It comprises six individual delay line, a chorus and a room type reverb. Each delay line supports a feedback amount, a multimode filter (low, high and band pass) with variable cut off frequency and resonance, a pan, a level and an assignable sync’ed lfo. Each line is then connected with the chorus and the reverb (in line, not parallel).

    The Chorus and reveb unit can be both used independently of the delay, making this plugins a 3-in-1 fx unit.

    The plugin is a 32bit PC .dll and will not work under mac. It is made in S.E.

    Contributors will be send a copy of the plugin via email

    Money raised will contribute to further plugin development. :)

    Thank you

    More info: MultiMap Delay plugin by Alix Cooper

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