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    Sinusoidal Nightmare releases 10 free dirty kick samples


    Sinusoidal Nightmare has released a free collection of 10 dirty kick samples in high quality WAV format.

    If you like dirty sounds (I mean: with quite a bit of background noise!), these are some kick samples I sampled from a Volca Beats, going through a very cheap preamp, an extremely cheap isolation transformer (which I liked because of its effect on low frequencies) and an asymmetric diode clipping stage. The sounds are distorted because I wanted to get some different colours from the standard Volca sound.

    I think these kicks could be used for house/techno (maybe more on the underground side). The zip file is a pair of MB, mainly because I sampled them at high resolution (though I realized it’s probably a waste of space since the background noise)…

    Download: 10 free dirty kick samples

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