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    MZTK releases Z-Drum free drum machine VST instrument


    MZTK has released Z-Drum, a free drum machine VST instrument for Windows.

    Z-Drum was a follow up to a beta called ZoxDrum -which used samples, with emphasis on trying to get pattern-chaining working, and a basic structure for a simple VST x0x-style drum machine.

    This is a pre-beta-whatever version, proof of concept etc. it never got finished because i could not resolve some issues and went off on a tangent trying to improve something and ended up with another project. There is wrong triggering on pattern change 1st step – due to how pattern change is governed, need a new method here.

    At the time i was trying to do this with very few 3rd party modules-here there are 3. For syntheditors: this is an example of using 2 patchmems in a single plugin.


    • 8 drum parts – 8 virtual analogue drum synths: BD / SNR / HHT / CLAP / RIMSHOT / TOM / TAMB / RIDE + Accent(global)
    • 16 kit memories
    • 4x outputs / mute/solo w/reset
    • pattern/chain modes
    • 16x patterns / 1x ‘phrase’/chain (up to 16 steps)
    • Clear Part/All (pattern)
    • MIDI- triggered or Stop/Start modes:
      >in MIDI mode will trigger with any note (monophonic)
      (Transport must have Play/Run ‘on’)
      >always starts at top of bar(retriggers)
      >resets on stop / MIDI input indicator
    • host sync with ‘Tempo’-/+ variation control/reset’0′
    • trigger buttons on left side, drum select on right side
      (drum parameter view panel)

    Please leave feedback for Z-Drum here.

    Download: Z-Drum free drum machine VST instrument

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