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    DSmolken releases Double Bass free SFZ instrument


    DSmolken has released a free SFZ instrument featuring double bass samples (pizz and arco plus quite a few squeaking, scratching and thumping noises).

    The awesomeness of that photo oughta be enough to make anybody want to download this, but I suppose I should post a few words for form’s sake. I have sampled my double bass for my own use, and want to share it. The samples add up to 252 MB and have SFZ mappings.

    This is my first attempt at doing anything with SFZ so I haven’t tried to do anything fancy – there’s no EQ, compression, normalizing etc. and the mappings are not very advanced. So, I’d also really appreciate any feedback, better mappings etc. If anybody wants to mirror this or edit the samples to improve them, that would be great.

    If you need some good SFZ players, just check these freewares: sforzando or Camel Audio Free SFZ Player.

    More info: Double Bass free SFZ instrument

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