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    Spontaneous Rhythm A-100 Modular Percussion And Tones free collection


    Spontaneous Rhythm has released A-100 Modular Percussion And Tones, a free collection of samples recorded from a Doepfer A-100 modular synthesizer.

    We’re launching a new sample library today where we’ll be giving away 390 unprocessed raw analog recordings over the course of 6 weeks.

    Signing up for free will get you a bi-weekly update with the 20 samples hosted on the website, as well as an additional 45 samples for the mailing list only.

    By delivering these samples over time, we hope that instead of flicking through samples looking for the sound you are after you will process and mangle these sounds to your own taste.

    Part 1 is available for free download. With every new part, the previous collection of samples will be removed.

    More info: A-100 Modular Percussion And Tones

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