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    Music Radar releases 204 free modular madness samples


    Music Radar has released 204 free modular madness samples, a free collection of synth loops previously featured on Computer Music magazine’s cover DVD.

    There was once a time before computers and keyboards ruled the Earth. Long-haired, thick-spectacled, white-coated creatures with endless beards and patch cables for fingers lived deep underground, peering up at high walls covered in unfathomable chests of all shapes and sizes.

    Amidst their grunting, they spent their time patching together boxes of flashing lights, crusty faders and derelict dials, all just to coax a handful of noises and beeps out of ancient devices we know only as ‘modular synthesizers’.

    This instalment of SampleRadar brings you a truckload of these old-school sonic ramblings in the form of some mad modular synth loops.

    All loops are in high quality WAV format and they are royalty free, which means you can use them into commercial releases without any restrictions.

    More info: 204 free modular madness samples

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