Fairly Confused has released Breaking Bread, a free sample pack featuring one shot percussive sounds created with bread pieces.

I was in fairly strange mood that day. I have found quite impressive collection of super dry bread pieces, buns, bread sticks and matzoh, dwelling upon my refrigerator. This stuff was crispy and crunchy and somehow I’ve seen a drum kit possibility in it. I took them to studio room and started to crush, smash, destroy, break up and take them apart with my bare hands in front of the microphone.

You know, it may be a perfect candidate for your bread and butter drum kit. 3MB, 90 samples, wav format, mono 44.1 kHz / 24 bit, and for free. Also there’s an example kit, using some of the sounds, in Battery 2 and sfz formats.

The samples are split into two folders. ’44 raw’ contains 74 slices cut out of the original 88.2 kHz recording, re-sampled to 44.1 kHz. In ’44 processed’ folder, you will find heavily processed samples, basically the samples have been slowed down a great deal, cut and then up-sampled to 44.1 kHz. This way I transformed, crunchy bun breaks, into something more or less suitable to mimic bass drum or snare.


More info: Breaking Bread free percussive sample pack

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